Amezon Roofing & Cladding sheets and accessories are available in three types

  • AMSR-BG BareGalvalume (Zn-Al alloy coated steel)
  • AMSR-CG Color Coated Galvalume (Alloy coated Steel)
  • AMSR-PG Galvanized steel with polyester coating (PPGI)
Standard Fasteners conforming to AS 356std/CL 3 graded Zn/tin Alloy coating of 25mic. To be used for Roofing and Cladding.

Precautions to be taken care

example image

Avoid S.S.Fasteners
Avoid lead Headed Nails
Confirm using EDPM Washers
Avoid Carbon Washers
Avoid Electro plated Washers

Technical Specification

Standard Ridge and Flashings

Corrosion Resistance
Thermal Resistance
Easy Maintenance
Strength and Durability
Cost Effective

Amazon can provide Structural design of Pre-Engineered Building modules to meet the Customers requirements for wide applications.
Amazon Pre-Engineered Build Concept is revolutionary hi-tech building system, designed to serve demand standards, and supplied as a complete building system powered to meet the exact requirements.
Amazon Pre-Engineered Buildings can be supplied with a clear span of up to 80 mts. And larger buildings can be supplied with internal columns included. The system is so flexible that it is easy to provide cantilever, lean-tos, roof watch, canopies, Windows, Ventilators, louvers, roller, sliding system roller, sliding, personnel doors, window etc.,
Professionally designed and engineered, Amazon Pre-Engineered buildings with the materials used will be guaranteed to match with all of the Standards. All Structures are manufactured from high tensile, galvanized steel, giving the frame an aesthetic finish.
Amazon Pre-Engineered Buildings come as a complete solution, They are easy to install, simply bolting together on site, without any cutting, drilling or welding of the structural frame.